Youth Policy Expert Group

Euorpean Youth Forum recruitment

As I was just elected into the Expert Group on Youth Policy of the Youth Forum, this is a great opportunity to finally get these two strings of my life together: Youth Work and Policy development.

So since some years I’m active with the YMCA as a volunteer youth worker. It’s been a joy ride. I was able to learn a lot and now I can give back to young people by not only educating them in trainings and seminars. I can also voice their opinions on relevant topics to the European level, which is a great opportunity.

What is it that I want to bring to the table in that Expert group? Firstly it is that youth is not a seperate topic from other political areas. It is cross-cutting through all areas of policy, may it be mobility, health, education, employment and others. Second thing, youth policy can only work with young people present to represent their opinions. This is a tough one, because young people are often tokenised in the way „Here we have a young person. He or she should represent the youth!“ It is a question of legitimacy. That is why politics have to work together with Youth Councils instead of choosing young people from some internal lists. Thirdly, youth policy has to be open to new ideas, new ways of thinking out of the box. It is not about dreaming, it is about creating a vision of how we want to live in the future. And that is the big chance our society has through including young people into the the process of policy making. I want to do my share and will report on how it develops.

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