Winter is back, but…

.130315_running..I already introduced to you in one of my last blog posts „It’s Springing“ that I started jogging again. So it was about my honor that I wouldn’t give in to -5°C and snow today. And actually it was really nice and sunny, when I went out jogging as you can see from the picture.

I’ve added some more material to give you a better overview of my effort. I hope it motivates you to start jogging and gives me the motivation to keep up jogging. And I also did a small sprint workout with 5×80 meters. So, picture 1 shows some core information of the work out, picture 2 shows the time it took me to sprint 80 meters.

MyTracks QR-Code

And here is the usual route that I took in a google maps. If you are interested what program I’m using to record all this with my phone, it’s called „MyTracks“ and is available for free in the Google Play store. I can recommend it as a free tool, although I had some problems with recording the tracks, because sometimes the GPS is not accurate enough.

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