ETS Conference 2013

Last weekend 22 TEN SINGer from Czech Republic, Norway, England, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, Malta, Faroe Islands and Switzerland met in the YMCA Palace in Prague for the European TEN SING Conference.
I was there with Friederike „Fiz“ Leitlein from Munich. We both had a special task for the conference: Fiz is responsible for all european TEN SING activities at the upcoming YMCA Europe Festival this summer in Prague. As a member of the ETS-Executive I was responsible for the content of the ETS Conference. And I’m very happy, because the conference reelected me for being in the Executive this year 🙂
Besides many discussions about the TEN SING-Idea the conference decided about the Focus Points 2013-2015, which will be.

  • Strengthen the communication throughout Europe.
  • Develop an inclusive Christian environment, that can be seen, felt and experienced.
  • Reach young people where they are.
  • Hear the relevant needs to enable the potential of the Ten Singers, guide and support them.

After the long conference days we could experience Prague on a guided tour, on a boot-trip on the Vltava or on top of the Prague TV-Tower. The city was all white, it looked magical. Oh yeah, and we were in a Karaoke bar 😛
We from the German delegation want to say thanks to all of the czech TEN SINGers for their help (not that I know any of them personally) for their hospitality and we want to thank the whole ETS Group for an inspiring Conference. (Der Artikel auf Deutsch im CVJM Blog)

Prague meets Lego

Kaiserwetter in Prague after General Assembly of YMCA.

And we are enjoying the sun on an island… ok, it’s a very small island in the middle of Vltava (Moldau).
So first we bought Lego figures that look like us. Mine even has a „B“ on the shirt. Vladi’s  is missing some blonde hair, so we gave her a nice helmet. She#s a little Tollpatsch, so it’s propably better that way 🙂
The rest is history.