That was Christmas 2012

Impressions from the Christmas Market

Christmas Time is great for taking pictures with long exposure time. It’s dark, and usually there are some nice Christmas-lights around.

In Ziegenhain, there was the traditional Christmas Market this weekend. So besides hanging around at the TEN SING CrĂȘpes booth (Holy crĂȘpes 🙂 ), I was taking some fotos.

Hope you like it. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.

Fotos were taken with
Canon Eos 550D and 18-55 mm standard lens.
Settings: Iso 100
Exposure time between 3 and 8 seconds

P.s. And as I was at the opening event of the Christmas Market in the local church on friday for HNA, I took some more pictures. It was a very traditional service with Dekan Christian Wachter, major Wilhelm Kröll and some special guests 🙂 The little Red Riding Hood Lina (3 years) and her grandmother.