Stopovat through Europe

Hey there people.

I’m back after some really nice days in CZ. I was on a great festival, which I will review later on this week. After that I spent some nice days at my girlfriend’s place.

Normally I’m going to CZ via nightbus from Frankfurt to Prague and back. But this time I had a different idea. I wanted to hitchhike all the way back home… I never really hitchhiked before and now I wanted to cross Europe with my trecking backpack with 25 kg and 930 km of distance to take… So I was really excited, when I woke up on the 10th of July.

Planning and Getting ready:
I got started on checking which was the best way to travel.I downloaded offline maps on my smartphone to keep an overview about where I am. I couldn’t use 3G-network because of the roaming-costs.
Also I got me some tips for hitchhiking. The following website was really helpful, especially to find good spots where to stand and ask for a ride.
Then I got me some materials: Edding and big white sheets of paper for writing your directions.
And as I can’t speak Czech at all, I prepared the most important sentences and words that would allow me to introduce myself and ask for a ride. By the way: Hitchhiking in Czech means „Stopovat“.

The actual trip:
I started off at 15:oo on Saturday in Krnov. With no difficulties I made it out of town. It was a great start and the nice lady that took me to the next bigger towon and I even had a „sort of“ conversation in czech language. But then it got really frustrating. In some ridiculous village I stood around for almost 1 1/2 hours trying to get on with the ride. I was so demoralized. Would my „great adventure“ end only 40 km away from the start? Honestly, I almost gave up… I went to the train station and looked at the timetabel for the trains. In 40 minutes the next train to Olomouc would arrive. I said to myself: „So, I give you this time to find a ride, or else the experiment is over.“ I went down to the road again, but this time I changed my spot. And… I got the ride on. Finally I came to D-1, the biggest and longes highway in Czech Republic. Two jockeys with a jeep pulling a horse-wagon took me there. With Jaromír I went to Brno. With Martin I arrived in Prague at 22:30. He brought me to the center of town, where I was staying over night in Hostel Jednota.
The next day I took the public transport to a gasstation from where I was taken to Ustí nad Lábem. And there I was soooo lucky to meet Josef. Not only did I come to the place where he picked me up by total accident. Also he was running late on his weekly way to work in Bonn. He took me 420 km to Alsfeld.
The way home from there was just fun and relaxing. I was in Treysa on Sunday, the 11th at 17:30 and I was just happy and amazed.

What did I learn:
Hitchhiking is a great experience, that I’m very glad I made. You get to know the country, it’s language and meet new people. But: It is time-consuming, tireing, needs preperation, a big amount of luck and one should never forget about the risks.

Here you’ll find the map of my route. Sadly google maps didn’t save the map the way I created it. But anyway. You’ll get a feeling for it:

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