Promote youth work@EU Youth Forum

I’m very excited and happy to tell you today that my application for a position in the workgroup „Youth work“ of the European Youth Forum was successful! I am now an official member of this six-person working group. That is a lot of work coming up… I will try to contribute in different areas:

  • I want to strengthen volunteer youth work, empower young people to be volunteers on a european scale, easing the process of volunteering (financial support, coaching, organisation), stressing out the benefits for young people (documentation, accreditation, credibility).
  • I want to develop and use new media tools to involve youth in political decision-making
  • I want to actively process and comment on youth policy development.
  • I want to strengthen the participatory and democratic aspect of youth work on the  European Continent, including states where youth is struggling because of repression or states where youth is suffering from unemployment and poverty.

I wanted to say thank you to all groups supporting my nomination: First of all the Jusos, who suggested to me to apply in the first place. Then of course thanks for the continuous support of the german national YMCA and AEJ.

The nomination itself was carried out by the „The German National committee for international youth work (DNK)“. I’m really looking forward to change, create and develop youth work in Europe.

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