My new job at the World YMCA

Dear everyone,

today I want to show you the office of the World YMCA in Geneva, where I work now. My first week here is through and it has been great until now. The international staff team is great. I have my own desk and computer (although I prefer working with my notebook) and telephone. For lunch we sit together and talk. There is a lot of interesting work to be done, but it is a lot…

The first week started off very good. Monday I received all the information on how to use the IT infrastructure in the office and Romulo passed me a lot of work on the Change Agent Project. Tuesday I got an intro to the structures of the YMCA and we had the staff meeting. Wednesday I was invited to join the GST (Global Staff Team)meeting to talk about Youth Empowerment. It was great to hear so much inspiring ideas. On thursday and friday I had to get some work done for Romulo for the Change Agents.
My day at work usually starts at 8:30 and I normally leave at 17:00. But already the last week I stayed longer, although we’re just getting started. Once a week, we have staff meeting with everybody from the team.
Last friday I managed to bake a coconut-chocolate cake for the team as a welcome. It was surprisingly good 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the 3 months that are ahead of me.

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