How I joined Facebook

Part 1


Actually I’m real geek concerning modern media consumption, keeping pace with the trends concerning technical devices, software, communication and who knows what. Smartphone, notebook, always online, you know what I mean. The usual digital native. I distaste normal TV program and I turn the radio on mainly when I clean up the flat (which does not happen all too often).

So why did it take me so long to register on this platform called Facebook. Why was it such a pain in the *** for me to decide and take this step?

My reasons why I shouldn’t have

In order to find out what drove me away from Facebook all those years I had to dig deep and also look at myself a bit more. It struck me to find out, that one of my reason not to join, was a very silly one. It was because I don’t like doing what everyone else is doing. Sounds silly because further up I described that I’m trying to follow trends. But let me explain: I think I have this explorer gene meaning that I’m much happier when I’m able to explore unmapped territory or at least walk the less travelled path. And come on: Staying in this metaphor Facebook is an Autobahn with 10 lanes in each direction. My other reasons that are equally important were:

  • The exhibition and exploitation of private data on such a massive scale that Facebook knows more about us than governments (at least until governments decided to use these networks to gather information about us #asksnowden). We’re willingly losing control about our privacy.
  • Connected to this is my dislike of the business model of Facebook. They gather information (not only from Facebook, but also through web tracking our activities on other websites) mainly for two reasons: 1. To find out what makes us and our friends use Facebook more. 2. To make profiles of us, sorting us into target groups to bombard us with personalized advertisements.
    Adding up to that is the fact that Facebook is cooperating already on different levels with for example the investigative authorities in Germany. What Facebook will do with our data in the future is pretty unsure because their corporate guidelines are very vague and they can change them anyways. (If you want to know how to avoid web tracking, read here. I recommend using Adblock Plus.)
  • Distraction: I’m using my notebook and my smartphone every day at work and also at home, when I’m jogging, almost everywhere. It is a constant distraction. With Facebook I found yet another reason to check on my phone. It interrupts my routines, my dinner, my rendezvous (if I ever have one), my working phases. That steals time from the „real life“ that is already so small.
  • I’m involved with two (and more that I won’t mention here) organisations that I love and believe in: It’s the YMCA and the Socialdemocrats in Germany (SPD). I worked for one and I’m currently working for the other and it is just great! We’re the good guys and girls and we’re very proud of that. But being good has this one problem: You are willing to and sometimes I feel it is a precondition to work much more than you are normally supposed to. My fear is, that my „life“ on Facebook could become yet another workspace of my job. And that is very likely to happen, and next time, I’ll tell you why…

And to end it smooth:20 MINUTES CAT VIDEO(know what you like)

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