Goodbye Marburg, hello Geneva

Crazy times.

For everyone, who didn’t know: Since October 1st I’m working for YMCA Germany researching for my Master Thesis on Management in Non-Governmental Youth Organisations.

In this course I worked with General Secretary Dr. Dr. Roland Werner from YMCA Germany in Kassel while living in Marburg. It was an awesome time and I’m so greatful for this time.

Since yesterday I switched offices and on monday January 6th I will start working at the office of the World Alliance of YMCAs in Geneva. This is a great opportunity to learn from General Secretary Johan Vilhelm Eltvik and gather a lot of knowledge about the global YMCA movement. And I have to admit: My new place is also very nice. Here are some impressions, also from my trip to Geneva.

Sadly I couldn’t go out yet, because it is raining cats and dogs here. But tomorrow Romulo and I will go skiing in France. I will post some photos, if I survive.

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