Geneva, Flensburg, Brussels, Prague, Wildpark Knüll, Berlin

5400… I’ve been travelling 5400 kilometers in the last 1 1/2 months. I want to share some small pieces of the great experiences at the places I’ve been and the the people I cherish.

In the middle of August –> Geneva

Sebastian Vogt at lake geneava

At ETS-Festival I found many new friends. One of them is Romulo (You can read his Blog „The life report“, link in the sidebar :-)) He is YMCA worldalliance Secretary General for youth empowerment.

Sebastian Vogt Geneva UNO.JPG

He invited me over at the end of the festival and two weeks later, I started off with Vladi in my old VW Golf 3 to Geneva in Switzerland. Great road trip, but very warm indeed. The weather was great the whole

Sebastian Vogt und Vladi Genf1.JPG

weekend and we had a great time at lake Geneva, got

involved in United Nations work, explored the city of Geneva and we enjoyed being at Romulo’s place with the great view.

view from balcony panorama.jpg











End of August –> Flensburg

Prost aus der Ostsee.JPG

Spontaneously Felix, Daniel and I decided to visit Kevin, who moved to Flensburg in August. It was a great weekend full of „men-time“, „men-talk“ manly Flensburger Pilsener. The weather was

Prost in Flensburg.JPG

BAD, but we were swimming in the Ostsee, explored the city and made some manly fotos
























Middle of September –> Brussels

Plenary session.JPG

European parliament member Udo Bullmann invited 26 young socialists from Jusos Hessen to Brussels. We were visiting the European Parliament and had time to explore Brussels.

Beste Pommes Br++ssels.JPG

Tuesday was very long with a lot of meetings with the DGB (Deutsche Gewerkschaftsbund)

Im DGB in Br++ssel.JPG.JPG

, Barbara Weiler MdEP, Udo Bullman MdEP, PES (Party of European Socailists). In the evening we went to Hessenfest. How funny: Left Hessen behind to go to a hessish banquet.

















After Brussels –> PragueSebastian Vogt und Vladi in Prague.JPG

My red VW Golf 3 drove me and some people from www.mitfahr to Prague. It was great weather: babí léto (indian summer/Altweibersommer) and

Sebastian Vogt near carls bridge.JPG

I enjoyed spending time with Vladi. I was on a youth conference there and on sunday we made the touristic stuff: Castle Prague, Carlsbrige, old city and in a green parc.

Sebastian Vogt in Restaurant La Respublica.JPG















After Prague –> Wildpark KnüllTickets from czech police.JPG
Deer in Wildpark Knuell.JPGI stole Vladi and brought her back to Germany after my trip to Prague. Czech police stopped me and I had to pay a fee.

Back home we went to Wildpark Knüll and had a lot of fun. We saw bears (Vladi was very scared at first). We a lot of deer, and other funny animals. Let’s see if I can give you an impression on video Angry bird.


















September/October –> Berlin
Berlin political – 24 hours! 12 young socialists from JuSos Germany met to discusspolitics can change about the web. A great meeting with lots of great ideas.

That was what happened in a galaxy, 5400 kilometers away.

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