Family weekend in Geneva!

My time here in Switzerland slowly comes to an end. I’m so thankful for the three months that I have spent in Geneva with the World YMCA.

To celebrate my last weekend here, my family came to visit me. It was a great weekend with lots of good food and drinks.
Also we went to Mont Salève, where you have a great view on Geneva.
Then we went to see CERN to get some education. It is really a massive project and very interesting to think about all these fundamental questions. Mind-blowing.
Next thing up was our visit to the Jardin Botanique in Geneva and then we went to the international quarter. In between we had a nice picnic at the lake. In the evening, we had proper fondue on the lake in Bain de Paquis.

I’m so thankful for the time here, for my family and for all my friends, who are with me on this amazing journey. Next stop. China!

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