Family vacation

Finally! Website is back A-ok! Now I can give you an update about what happened the last weeks. Let’s start off in October…
Family vacation! That’s what you do, when you’re young. And when you turn 14 you don’t wanna go on vacation with your parents anymore. But I’m getting older… and we needed a present for my mom’s 60th birthday. So we as brothers gave my mom as a present a vacation-trip to Berchtesgaden in Bavaria very near to Austria.

A great place to hike and climb, for relaxation and spa and for good food and drinks.
And also a great place for exploring nature and it’s beauty.
To the pictures:
1. At lake Königssee.
2. On the mountains
3. Panorama from Jenner
4. The crew of Berchtesgaden. Irmi, Basti, Benny and Tina
5. View from Jenner in the morning. Cloudy on the ground and sunny in 800 meters already
6. Basti at Watzmann-southpeak

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