How I joined Facebook

Part 1


Actually I’m real geek concerning modern media consumption, keeping pace with the trends concerning technical devices, software, communication and who knows what. Smartphone, notebook, always online, you know what I mean. The usual digital native. I distaste normal TV program and I turn the radio on mainly when I clean up the flat (which does not happen all too often).

So why did it take me so long to register on this platform called Facebook. Why was it such a pain in the *** for me to decide and take this step? Weiterlesen

The 1st TEN SING Audio-Podcast

Logo TEN SING Podcast

This is a BIG thing. TEN SING Germany did it’s first Audio-Podcast. And besides Krischaan, Sylph and Simon I was one of the lucky people to be part of the podcast. It was really great fun and the idea has a lot of potential not only to reach tech-nerds, but also the normal teenagers.
Episode 1 deals with the introduction to the Podcast Idea.
You can find, listen to and comment on it directly here, you can download it on Itunes or you can subscribe the rss-feed.

The Making-of the Podcast: Simon, Sebastian, Sylph and Krischaan (on the screen)
The Making-of the Podcast: Simon, Sebastian, Sylph and Krischaan (on the screen)

Impressions from the Christmas Market

Christmas Time is great for taking pictures with long exposure time. It’s dark, and usually there are some nice Christmas-lights around.

In Ziegenhain, there was the traditional Christmas Market this weekend. So besides hanging around at the TEN SING Crêpes booth (Holy crêpes 🙂 ), I was taking some fotos.

Hope you like it. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.

Fotos were taken with
Canon Eos 550D and 18-55 mm standard lens.
Settings: Iso 100
Exposure time between 3 and 8 seconds

P.s. And as I was at the opening event of the Christmas Market in the local church on friday for HNA, I took some more pictures. It was a very traditional service with Dekan Christian Wachter, major Wilhelm Kröll and some special guests 🙂 The little Red Riding Hood Lina (3 years) and her grandmother.

New header, new article following soon

I’m movin’… my website…to some new webspace…and it is complicated…that’s why I can’t post my newest post… but as you can see, I have a new header…so come back soon and you will find a brand new update…stay tuned. In the meantime you can look at the nice people waving to you and greeting you here. By the way, picture is from TEN SING Münchhausen Festival 2011. It was great.