Lausanne and Olympics

There is a lot to see when you live in Switzerland.

Last weekend we were visiting Lausanne with some friends from the office. Beautifully laid out at Lake Leman the city center with the Cathedral Notre Dame de Lausanne is on to of a very steep hill. From there you have a beautiful view on the city, that is cut shaped by two valleys, which makes it a lot of walking up and down. But there’s a lot to explore besides the beautiful gothic reformed church. Come, I’ll show you around. Weiterlesen

My new job at the World YMCA

Dear everyone,

today I want to show you the office of the World YMCA in Geneva, where I work now. My first week here is through and it has been great until now. The international staff team is great. I have my own desk and computer (although I prefer working with my notebook) and telephone. For lunch we sit together and talk. There is a lot of interesting work to be done, but it is a lot… Weiterlesen

Goodbye Marburg, hello Geneva

Crazy times.

For everyone, who didn’t know: Since October 1st I’m working for YMCA Germany researching for my Master Thesis on Management in Non-Governmental Youth Organisations.

In this course I worked with General Secretary Dr. Dr. Roland Werner from YMCA Germany in Kassel while living in Marburg. It was an awesome time and I’m so greatful for this time.


Big Easter Trip Pt. IV

The fourth station of my Easter trip was Brussels, the (political) heart of Europe. There I was hosted by my good friend Malte. We had some good Belgian beers and good meetings with other NPOs. Weiterlesen

Big Easter Trip Pt. III

Part III of the Easter Tour led me to the city of love: Paris. Before and after a great day in Disney Land we were staying at our couchsurfing friends. First evening we were out for a posh and delicious dinner I’ve never had before. Weiterlesen