Big Easter Trip Pt. IV

The fourth station of my Easter trip was Brussels, the (political) heart of Europe. There I was hosted by my good friend Malte. We had some good Belgian beers and good meetings with other NPOs. I came from Paris to Brussels with a car pooling car and met some nice people. My main objective in Brussels was to talk to as many people as possible about a concept I was writing for YMCA Europe. So my 4 days there were packed with meetings, although this was vacation. I met some old and new friends working in NPOs that have a similar focus on christian youth work or work in a similar field and presented them aspects of the business-plan, heard how they are doing with their bureau, what problems they face or had to face when they installed their bureaus. It was a lot of very fruitful discussions. Big thanks again to all of you who spared some time for talking about the concept.

I met with at least six organisations, one of them being the YMCA Belgium. I visited
Cedric Roulent in his office in his nice office in central Brussels. He showed me around the building and it’s just marvelous. We went out and did some sightseeing, which was very nice, because I didn’t have time to see anything yet.

Another highlight was meeting the Jusos Brüssel, young social democrates working and living in Brussels.Their chair-person Andrea had invited me to speak to them about the work of the Jusos in northern Hessian, about our engagement in EU politics and about future cooperation possibilities. It was an interesting and nice evening with them and hopefully not the last.

Last but not least I visited the bureau of the European Youth Forum, because I was selected as a member of a Youth Forum workgroup last month. The bureau is huge and they have a lot of creative and talented people working there. I’m looking forward to dive into my new job 😉

So far there are only two stations left on my Easter trip. If you want to read about the other ones, just click on one of them.Part I, Part II and Part III of the Big Easter Trip.

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