Big Easter Trip Pt. III

Part III of the Easter Tour led me to the city of love: Paris. Before and after a great day in Disney Land we were staying at our couchsurfing friends. First evening we were out for a posh and delicious dinner I’ve never had before.We were having a three courses menu in a traditional french restaurant called Au Doux Raisin ten minutes away from Notre Dame in the center of the city. The theme of the place is connected to classical french actors that can be found on the walls everywhere in the small and comfortably furnished restaurant.

Now to the most important stuff, the food!As an Entrée everybody got a glass of Champaign and I had a nice liver pate. With it we had white wine.
My plat principal was Bœuf Bourguignon, a traditional french dish with beef (le bœuf) and Burgundy wine (le vin bourguignon), potatoes and herbs. It was delicious. With it we had red wine.
The desert was not so good, it was a kind of ice. But it could also be because my stomach was already full. Not even the aperitif helped to ease the full tummy.

We had the table reserved for 21:30 h and we were done with the dinner at 00:30 h, for me an unusual long time for eating dinner But the food was so good and I have to admit: The more I see of the „vie francaise“ the more I like it.

Here you can find Part I and Part II of the Big Easter Trip.

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