Big Easter Trip Pt. II

This is the 2nd part of my Easter trip that went from 28th of March till 7th of April 2013. After my first stop in Orleans and Versailles (read here) we went to Paris to stay at our very good couch surfing friends. After a nice evening in Paris (I will tell you tomorrow) we went to Disney Land Paris on sunday.You would say that this is the place where kids have most fun, but actually I was having more fun than many kids. Some where just too overwhelmed, spoiled, tired or everything at once. It must be a lot of impressions for little kids, because the park is just huge

Luckily we had great weather and we were very motivated to see both the „old“ Disney Park and the new Walt Disney Studios. We took as many rides as possible, rollercoasters, a free-fall-tower, but also a haunted house, water ride and a Star Wars Flight-Simulator (I felt like Luke Skywalker…really). My favorite was definitely Space Mountain.

What I liked about all the rides was the story they were telling around each ride’s theme. What I didn’t like was that they were marketing everything in this park. Consumption everywhere. Again, poor kids and poor parents. But I enjoyed myself.

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