App-Check: Google Keep


First impression: Google Keep provides a better overview than Evernote. But it does this at the expense of the variety of features, for example when it comes to  text-formatting. There is no annoying advertisement displayed in the app, as it is in the free version of Evernote. But it is still a work in progress.What I really like about the notes-programme for Android, is the integration of the Google-Speech Recognition. Not only the sound clip is saved in the note, but also the spoken words are saved as text document. Neat is, that all notes are saved clearly arranged in Google Drive. You can than easily transform the note into another document formats. And when you already have a google account, you don’t need to register for something new.

What’s sad is, that Google didn’t include its other sevices like maps or YouTube.
Overall, it’s still a work in progress, but a good start for Google Keep from the Google Play store.

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