Summer’s End

What started of to be a pretty cold and wet summer turned out to be great.

First thing I did was TEN SING Hessenprojekt VII.

It was a great experience to go on tour with 110 TEN SINGers from all over Hessen. But before we could go on a promotion-tour for Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag (DEKT) we had to prepare our show in the YMCA Camp Herbstein. It took us not more than five days of preperation to set up a two hours show with 17 songs with choir, solo, band and brass-section, a drama, 4 dances and a mini choir.
We were having seven concerts in nine days with 3 days of vacation all over Germany. My highlight was the concert in Michel, the biggest church in Hamburg. We were on local TV and in a lots of newspapers. The team was just great. It was an amazing experience to be leader of the project. I added some pictures and you can find out more here:

And here is a video of the nice dance we were making with everybody:

TEN SING Hessenprojekt VII – Der Essentanz from Toddy Kelsch on Vimeo.

Next thing right after the Hessenprojekt was the YMCA European Youthworkers Camp:

I was home for about 20 minutes to repack a bit and then I was on my way to a totally different experience waiting for me in the YMCA Camp Michelstadt near Frankfurt.
About 100 youthworkers from 10 different countries, different youthwork-projects, different social backgrounds with different language-skills and different beliefs had gathered here. The idea of the project, that was funded by the EU Youth in Action programme was to bring you people together to talk about why youthwork is empowering young people and what youthworkers in YMCA can do to serve their community. We had a great time, with lots of good talks, music, creativity and sports. And when I came back from there, I felt more like a European than ever before. I also added some pictures. And in the YMCA toolkit you can find some results of our work.

At the beginning of September I went on a road trip to Czech Republic to visit my girlfriend:

I made a little film to give you an impression of the trip. Here you go:
(soon to come)

We celebrated her Bachelor degree. Congrats, sweeps! Here’s a little video I made from the party:

Afterwards she visited me and we were to dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel, watching artsyfartsy. Actually, it was pretty cool. And we went to Wiesbaden to the Parliament of Hesse (Hessischer Landtag), where I work ocassionally.

Last big thing this summer was my trip to the Bavarian National Park (Nationalpark Bayrischer Wald) in the middle of September:

I was there for only a weekend, but it was just great. I was supposed to meet up with my good friends Arne and Tabea and their Land Rover Defender. The trip was planned and I was to meet a guy that I asked on Mitfahrgelegenheit who drove down to Bavaria. He didn’t show up 🙁 So I decided to hitchhike the 500 kilometers. And it worked out, which was great. We were sleeping in the Land Rover, had good food and drinks, went hiking and climbing. A very relaxing weekend.

Now I sit here and I start to think about putting on the oven in our flat… I just did it. It’s Summer’s end and it was great. Yes, and I stole that title from the Foo Fighters.
Have a great autumn everybody!

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