Stuck in the middle


after I slipped and feel softly on my butt on the snowy parking-lot in front of tegut-supermarket earlier this week, this is a serious snow chaos experience for me this year.

I’m stuck at Frankfurt Airport with some 1000 other people. I’ve been waiting long hours in never ending rows with lots of people who partially are travelling since 12 hours and more already. So I’m not so bad off like others around here… In fact, I had a lot of luck till now and there are some gleams of hope that I might really get to destination Czech Republic today.

So here are my bright spots of today:
First of all: My flight at 12 was cancelled but I got booked to a flight that is hopefully going at 22:20… This went really smooth. Only problem: If I really tried to get in line to drop off my luggage I definitely would have missed this flight. You can’t imagine how LONG this line is. Even all the superlatives of this word can’t describe it. So I made up this plan in my mind, that I could just take my far too heavy, far too big bag, put my hand luggage into that and just go to the gate where it says: „Only hand-luggage.“ In line I realized that this idea wasn’t good at all because I aditionally had like 2 bottles of Schnapps in my „hand-luggage“ and all kinds of liquide cosmetica-stuff (you know, I’m a girly-girl! 🙂 ) where you should only be allowed to take 2x100ml of this stuff with you. But I was willing to leave stuff behind, so I went on. So with my 20 kg (10 kg were fluids) overweight and 30cm too big (in every direction possible) I got in line (again) and looked for other people with this kind of „hand luggage“ in line… there were none. So as you can imagine I got a bit of a panic the nearer my part of the line came to the actual luggage check and scan. But when it was my time to shine the female Lufthansa-employee turned out to be the nicest person in the whole wide world. She looked at my luggage and put in in the scanner, looking at me with this funny „I-know-exactly-why-your-doing-this“-look. And believe it or not, she let me in with all the stuff. I didn’t have to dump any of my stuff. I was so reliefed I wanted to kiss her but she refused with a smile. She said, she was married 🙂
So since then I’m sitting at the gate. The situation her is different. You see people sitting around like outside. But first of all, it’s not so many and secondly, they have this twinkle in their eyes, this bit of hope that now they’ve come so far, this could really lead them somewhere. Like me. So I’m sitting around, watching Woody Allen movies (radio city, match point), both terrific movies, but let’s talk about Woody Allen movies some other day. And there is free drinks and newspapers, so I made myself quite comfortable.

And while I’m hoping and wishing that the last flight to Prague (Praha) today won’t be cancelled like all the others, I would appreciate if you guys and girls pray and wish a bit for me too.

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