Strengthen the move!

What a great place, interesting program and people that I cherish so much. We are gathered with 20 people from all over Europe, staff, executive committee, program group leaders and country focus group leaders from YMCA Europe for the annual Movement Strengthening Conference. We’re located at the YMCA Europe training center in Litomysl (CZ) and it is very beautiful here.The training center is an old brewery and is located in the area of a former chateau and monastry. It was amazing and the sun came out for the first time in weeks! Have a look at the Training Center, it is affordable for trainings and the staff here is very nice.

The topic of the conference is movement strengthening. We try to work on the terminology of thE YMCA Europe strategy that you can find on their website. Also we are talking about the YE Festival that is coming up! Last things was an update of the work of the Program-Groups, for example TEN SING 🙂

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