Samurai Summary of the weekend.

Samurai Summary

Let’s crunch some numbers and summarize this weekend, Samurai style. It was a long weekend with lots of travelling. I went to a meeting (look at my other blog entry here) and I visited my girlfriend.

The weekend has 3 days, which equals 72 hours. I will start counting from 5:45 a.m. Friday morning, when I got on the tram to start my trip to Czech Republic. And my trip ended on Sunday night, 11:30 p.m., when I came home. So the overall trip was this long

72 h – 6:15 h= 65:45 h

These 65:45 h can be liced up into three categories. Sleep, travel, being somewhere.

Sleep = 12:15 h

Travel = 30 h

Being somewhere = 23:30 h

A real Samurai Summary of a crazy weekend. I wonder if a Samurai would have survived that trip. I added a little map to illustrate my funny voyage.

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