Kirchentag 2011 in Dresden

Hey World.

I was in Dresden last weekend. We had a preperation-meeting for DEKT (Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag – German evangelist Chrurch day). I’m in the team for music, theatre and cabaret. We met with 600 people in Dresden and had a great saturday.
Here are some impressions:

1. Meggie and the DEKT Logo: …da wird auch dein Herz sein.
2. Firday evening beer near Elbe in Dresden-Neustadt
3. View on the Semper Opera Ball
4. Also Dresden is kind of under-water
5. I played the Paparazzi and got a picture of Till Schweiger while leaving Semper Opera Ball.
6. Saturday: MTK Meeting with 600 people in an Auditorium of Uni Dresden.
7. Eating Döner after meeting.
8. Me at Frauenkirche Dresden
9. And finally Carsten, our host, on a „Lümmel“ (that’s the name of the object, he’s lying on), „lümmeling“ around.

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