It is done!

Wow you people. I wrote the last words of me Bachelor thesis. And here it is…
And some other photos too.
Because although the last 3 days were pretty demanding I was also having some really nice times.
I was at the christmas market, where I played around with my EOS 550 D and tested the exposure time a bit.
Was fun, but you know, there is a crazy lot to learn about SLR-cameras. If you have nice tutorials or websites where I can get solid infos and how-tos, please let me know.
I was also making some detail photos when I was bored from writing.
And the last thing I did, I was playing around with some Picasa features (background-blur and some colour settings) and see there, that’s Vladi in Hamburg in the Speicherstadt. Say hello, Vladi!

So, people. Since I’m done with writing the thesis now, I can go on and revise it tomorrow…or today.
Looking forward 🙂 NOT!
So, see you soon and stay tuned. I will have a lots of time now that I’m done. NOT!
But I will fill this site with some new features. I promise.

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