Christmas, New Year and the mines of Moria

Long not seen, folks!

So here is a brief summary about my last 3 big events:

Event 1 (Trip to CZ before Christmas)
As you could read in my last post, I was in Czech Republic and had a nice pre-christmas week. I’ve been to Ostrava Christmas Market, I went to a ball (I was one of two men without a tie), etc. Food, family, music, presents, all inclusive. It was great. Foto 1 gives you an impression.

Event 2 (Christmas to Silvester)
Ok, on Christmas Eve we had traditional meeting at my mom’s with nice food, big presents (see foto 2) and a special guest from USA. After gathering all the presents I could get, I went to church to sing with my good friends from TEN SING. Next two days were other family meetings. It was fine. See foto 3
On 27th, my girlfriend came around and we had another Christmas 🙂 See foto 4 and 5. We toured my family. See foto 6. The next days we sticky noted the whole flat so that I learn so czech vocabulary. See foto 7 There are still some left. We went to Kassel to see the Bergpark and go shopping (Foto 8).
On Silvester we partied in Cologne with old schoolfriends of mine. It was a cool party with lots of nice food (foto 9). The next day we took a short sightseeing trio of Cologne, especially the Dom (foto 10 and 11). It looks like the mines of moria, when you look at the fotos from inside.
On the airport my girlfriend dumped my first Christmas Present for her (a design object, see foto 12)

Event 3
I was ill. For about a week. I won’t show you a foto… I looked miserable… But now I’m back on top and work calls me!

So, hope, you’re filled in. See you guys shortly. One question for you: What do you listen to right now? Me: Ani DiFranco

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