ETS Conference 2013

Last weekend 22 TEN SINGer from Czech Republic, Norway, England, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, Malta, Faroe Islands and Switzerland met in the YMCA Palace in Prague for the European TEN SING Conference.
I was there with Friederike „Fiz“ Leitlein from Munich. We both had a special task for the conference: Fiz is responsible for all european TEN SING activities at the upcoming YMCA Europe Festival this summer in Prague. As a member of the ETS-Executive I was responsible for the content of the ETS Conference. And I’m very happy, because the conference reelected me for being in the Executive this year 🙂
Besides many discussions about the TEN SING-Idea the conference decided about the Focus Points 2013-2015, which will be.

  • Strengthen the communication throughout Europe.
  • Develop an inclusive Christian environment, that can be seen, felt and experienced.
  • Reach young people where they are.
  • Hear the relevant needs to enable the potential of the Ten Singers, guide and support them.

After the long conference days we could experience Prague on a guided tour, on a boot-trip on the Vltava or on top of the Prague TV-Tower. The city was all white, it looked magical. Oh yeah, and we were in a Karaoke bar 😛
We from the German delegation want to say thanks to all of the czech TEN SINGers for their help (not that I know any of them personally) for their hospitality and we want to thank the whole ETS Group for an inspiring Conference. (Der Artikel auf Deutsch im CVJM Blog)

The 1st TEN SING Audio-Podcast

Logo TEN SING Podcast

This is a BIG thing. TEN SING Germany did it’s first Audio-Podcast. And besides Krischaan, Sylph and Simon I was one of the lucky people to be part of the podcast. It was really great fun and the idea has a lot of potential not only to reach tech-nerds, but also the normal teenagers.
Episode 1 deals with the introduction to the Podcast Idea.
You can find, listen to and comment on it directly here, you can download it on Itunes or you can subscribe the rss-feed.

The Making-of the Podcast: Simon, Sebastian, Sylph and Krischaan (on the screen)
The Making-of the Podcast: Simon, Sebastian, Sylph and Krischaan (on the screen)

Featured on YMCA Germany Blog

There is a lot of things happening lately. And finally spring is here, too!

I was featured on the blog of YMCA Germany. I reported on the YMCA Europe Movement Strengthening meeting that took place from 9th to 10th of March in Berlin. I attended the meeting as the german TEN SING representative We were accommodated in the lovely Missio-Center YMCA Sophienhof in Berlin Mitte. It was a great meeting and I got to know some very intelligent and kind people from all over Europe.
The Blog is in german. I will add some eyecandy for those, who don’t understand german so well as soon as I come home.
Now enjoy reading!

Featured on: YMCA International – World Alliance of YMCAs: Stories of Empowerment „Dude, you got to check this out“ – Sebastian Vogt

The YMCA World Alliance features a new category of stories on their website since last year. In good old blog-manner young people share their experience with YMCA and how the Y empowered them.
My good friend Romulo asked me some time befor Christmas, if I want to write down my own „Story of Empowerment“. So I sat down and would like to share with you my TEN SING and YMCA story. Enjoy!

YMCA International – World Alliance of YMCAs: Stories of Empowerment „Dude, you got to check this out“ – Sebastian Vogt.

YMCA and TEN SING Meetings on mass :-)

Hey Peeps,
the last two weekends were full of TEN SING and YMCA „work“.

Last weekend I was on a weekend seminar. It was pretty cool. We had Martin Meißner, former of the YMCA „Weltbund“ as a guest-speaker. For example he was telling us about and international voluntary service-program for young people. They are sent to countries like Peru, Chile and others for about a year and work there for the local YMCA. Great opportunity for young people after College (Abitur) to gain some great experiences in international youthwork. Here are some links. Don’t hesitate and just try it out: (For Peru) (For all other infos)

Despite of the great input we got, we also did a lot of freaky funny stuff… The photo-gallery gives you a short impression of that. The meeting was in „Rotenburg an der Fulda“, a small town in the north of Hessen. Not much to see, but what you see is very nice. So we made a ralley through town and had to stage some photos. So I was staging and taking photos of my team: Ben, Dario, Armin, Joni and Andre. And yes… we won 🙂

1. Behind the back of law
2. The cool gang
3. Chattering women on the marketplace
4. Unusual wedding
5. Supermarket-trollies are dangerous
6. Stage a city
7. Financial crisis

It was great just to mess around and do some weird stuff.
One question. Can you guess which city we are staging on picture 6?!?

This weekend I was on a big meeting of all YMCA workgroups for youthwork in Germany. We were in Dassel and it was great fun and very productive.

And now everything sprints towards communal elections…

Kirchentag 2011 in Dresden

Hey World.

I was in Dresden last weekend. We had a preperation-meeting for DEKT (Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag – German evangelist Chrurch day). I’m in the team for music, theatre and cabaret. We met with 600 people in Dresden and had a great saturday.
Here are some impressions:

1. Meggie and the DEKT Logo: …da wird auch dein Herz sein.
2. Firday evening beer near Elbe in Dresden-Neustadt
3. View on the Semper Opera Ball
4. Also Dresden is kind of under-water
5. I played the Paparazzi and got a picture of Till Schweiger while leaving Semper Opera Ball.
6. Saturday: MTK Meeting with 600 people in an Auditorium of Uni Dresden.
7. Eating Döner after meeting.
8. Me at Frauenkirche Dresden
9. And finally Carsten, our host, on a „Lümmel“ (that’s the name of the object, he’s lying on), „lümmeling“ around.

Grassroots movement revisited

Hey Folks,

this is a very interesting website I stumbled upon: Newleftmedia

They are reflecting both sides of the republican and the democratic grassroots-movements in a very close and unusual way. What results: A very different view on the newly politicised citizen in the USA.
A highly active citizen, who doesn’t really know what he is active for, what he is fighting for and what his party stands for. Interviews reveal the power that drives the citizen to go on the streets: Simple political slogans mixed with emotions like fear, anger and hate.
After watching this, you don’t wonder why politicians get shot in the USA…
So enjoy: