Big Easter Trip Pt. V

This is where it ends. The last part of my Easter Trip 2013. It was an amazing time and a lot of things happened since then. But now to my final trip from Brussels to Hamburg to Berlin to home. Weiterlesen

Big Easter Trip Pt. IV

The fourth station of my Easter trip was Brussels, the (political) heart of Europe. There I was hosted by my good friend Malte. We had some good Belgian beers and good meetings with other NPOs. Weiterlesen

The Academy Pt.1

What a weekend at the „40. Kurs sozialdemokratische Kommunal-Akademie“ in Steinbach near Frankfurt.
Besides learning a lot about time management, how to organise work, setting goals and what roles and objectives there are in the political field, I was also fortunate to find 59 new friends from all over Germany.


Election Weekend

This was a long weekend with a lot of elections.

1st thing that came up was a meeting of the Jusos. We elected a new board and a bunch of other things. It was a great day, we had a nice brunch thanks to Rosa, we had a good talk with our Parliament member Edgar Franke and we decided on some petitions. Also we reelected our board and I got a very good result. Thanks again everybody. I appreciate your trust.


How Twenty-thirteen started

Hello there,

it’s been a while, as usual. But it’s been a busy January. February in comparison starts out very relaxed (at least this weekend): I’m right now in the ICE on my way to Paris. Weekend trip to see the city. I’ve actually never been there before, so I am very curious and motivated to make it a great experience.
About last month: Many very cool things happened. Weiterlesen

Election time

Finally! Campagning is almost over. Tomorrow is the big day that Hessen’s citizens have to choose their communal parliaments. And it is about time…We started of planning the campagne in september 2010. So we had a very cold winter with a lots of standing outside. It is fun and a new experience to organize a campaign and so many events for my political party, the SPD. But you know, it takes a lot of time to put up the posters, hand out flyers and information-material to the citizens, baloons to the little kids etc. If it just wasn’t so damn cold.

But as the pictures may show, the whole campagning team was motivated and I think, we reached a lot of people. And I think our results will be good.

So, if you’re from Hessen, Baden-Württemberg or Rheinland-Pfalz, then please: Use your right and and vote! In other countries of the world, people are risking their lives to fight for democracy and free elections.

We’ll see, what tomorrow will bring 🙂