Review: My Climbing equipment

Some months ago started climbing. Once or twice a week I’m practicing in the indoor-climbing-center „Kletterzentrum-Nordhessen„. The center is also headquater of DAV (Deutscher Alpenverein [german alps society]), section Kassel, where I am member since January.

Piece by piece I bought equipment for my needs. As a beginner I didn’t really know what my needs were. I didn’t have any references what climbing gear would be worth buying. So I want to give you some guidance with the test results from my personal equipment after using it for some time. I mainly have beginner’s gear, so if you’re a Pro, this won’t interest you much. If you’re a beginner, read on! Weiterlesen

Coldplay in Concert!

It was almost Christmas… and I was on a great Coldplay concert on the 20th of December 2011!

It was my first concert of Coldplay ever. And I want more 🙂 Here is a small video-impression. At the entrance we got these wristbands and nobody had a clue what they are good for. But then we found out. Just have a look: Coldplay Frankfurt
Hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

See you soon.


Family vacation

Finally! Website is back A-ok! Now I can give you an update about what happened the last weeks. Let’s start off in October…
Family vacation! That’s what you do, when you’re young. And when you turn 14 you don’t wanna go on vacation with your parents anymore. But I’m getting older… and we needed a present for my mom’s 60th birthday. So we as brothers gave my mom as a present a vacation-trip to Berchtesgaden in Bavaria very near to Austria.

A great place to hike and climb, for relaxation and spa and for good food and drinks.
And also a great place for exploring nature and it’s beauty.
To the pictures:
1. At lake Königssee.
2. On the mountains
3. Panorama from Jenner
4. The crew of Berchtesgaden. Irmi, Basti, Benny and Tina
5. View from Jenner in the morning. Cloudy on the ground and sunny in 800 meters already
6. Basti at Watzmann-southpeak

Geneva, Flensburg, Brussels, Prague, Wildpark Knüll, Berlin

5400… I’ve been travelling 5400 kilometers in the last 1 1/2 months. I want to share some small pieces of the great experiences at the places I’ve been and the the people I cherish.

In the middle of August –> Geneva

Sebastian Vogt at lake geneava

At ETS-Festival I found many new friends. One of them is Romulo (You can read his Blog „The life report“, link in the sidebar :-)) He is YMCA worldalliance Secretary General for youth empowerment.

Sebastian Vogt Geneva UNO.JPG

He invited me over at the end of the festival and two weeks later, I started off with Vladi in my old VW Golf 3 to Geneva in Switzerland. Great road trip, but very warm indeed. The weather was great the whole

Sebastian Vogt und Vladi Genf1.JPG

weekend and we had a great time at lake Geneva, got

involved in United Nations work, explored the city of Geneva and we enjoyed being at Romulo’s place with the great view.

view from balcony panorama.jpg











End of August –> Flensburg

Prost aus der Ostsee.JPG

Spontaneously Felix, Daniel and I decided to visit Kevin, who moved to Flensburg in August. It was a great weekend full of „men-time“, „men-talk“ manly Flensburger Pilsener. The weather was

Prost in Flensburg.JPG

BAD, but we were swimming in the Ostsee, explored the city and made some manly fotos
























Middle of September –> Brussels

Plenary session.JPG

European parliament member Udo Bullmann invited 26 young socialists from Jusos Hessen to Brussels. We were visiting the European Parliament and had time to explore Brussels.

Beste Pommes Br++ssels.JPG

Tuesday was very long with a lot of meetings with the DGB (Deutsche Gewerkschaftsbund)

Im DGB in Br++ssel.JPG.JPG

, Barbara Weiler MdEP, Udo Bullman MdEP, PES (Party of European Socailists). In the evening we went to Hessenfest. How funny: Left Hessen behind to go to a hessish banquet.

















After Brussels –> PragueSebastian Vogt und Vladi in Prague.JPG

My red VW Golf 3 drove me and some people from www.mitfahr to Prague. It was great weather: babí léto (indian summer/Altweibersommer) and

Sebastian Vogt near carls bridge.JPG

I enjoyed spending time with Vladi. I was on a youth conference there and on sunday we made the touristic stuff: Castle Prague, Carlsbrige, old city and in a green parc.

Sebastian Vogt in Restaurant La Respublica.JPG















After Prague –> Wildpark KnüllTickets from czech police.JPG
Deer in Wildpark Knuell.JPGI stole Vladi and brought her back to Germany after my trip to Prague. Czech police stopped me and I had to pay a fee.

Back home we went to Wildpark Knüll and had a lot of fun. We saw bears (Vladi was very scared at first). We a lot of deer, and other funny animals. Let’s see if I can give you an impression on video Angry bird.


















September/October –> Berlin
Berlin political – 24 hours! 12 young socialists from JuSos Germany met to discusspolitics can change about the web. A great meeting with lots of great ideas.

That was what happened in a galaxy, 5400 kilometers away.

Stopovat through Europe

Hey there people.

I’m back after some really nice days in CZ. I was on a great festival, which I will review later on this week. After that I spent some nice days at my girlfriend’s place.

Normally I’m going to CZ via nightbus from Frankfurt to Prague and back. But this time I had a different idea. I wanted to hitchhike all the way back home… I never really hitchhiked before and now I wanted to cross Europe with my trecking backpack with 25 kg and 930 km of distance to take… So I was really excited, when I woke up on the 10th of July.

Planning and Getting ready:
I got started on checking which was the best way to travel.I downloaded offline maps on my smartphone to keep an overview about where I am. I couldn’t use 3G-network because of the roaming-costs.
Also I got me some tips for hitchhiking. The following website was really helpful, especially to find good spots where to stand and ask for a ride.
Then I got me some materials: Edding and big white sheets of paper for writing your directions.
And as I can’t speak Czech at all, I prepared the most important sentences and words that would allow me to introduce myself and ask for a ride. By the way: Hitchhiking in Czech means „Stopovat“.

The actual trip:
I started off at 15:oo on Saturday in Krnov. With no difficulties I made it out of town. It was a great start and the nice lady that took me to the next bigger towon and I even had a „sort of“ conversation in czech language. But then it got really frustrating. In some ridiculous village I stood around for almost 1 1/2 hours trying to get on with the ride. I was so demoralized. Would my „great adventure“ end only 40 km away from the start? Honestly, I almost gave up… I went to the train station and looked at the timetabel for the trains. In 40 minutes the next train to Olomouc would arrive. I said to myself: „So, I give you this time to find a ride, or else the experiment is over.“ I went down to the road again, but this time I changed my spot. And… I got the ride on. Finally I came to D-1, the biggest and longes highway in Czech Republic. Two jockeys with a jeep pulling a horse-wagon took me there. With Jaromír I went to Brno. With Martin I arrived in Prague at 22:30. He brought me to the center of town, where I was staying over night in Hostel Jednota.
The next day I took the public transport to a gasstation from where I was taken to Ustí nad Lábem. And there I was soooo lucky to meet Josef. Not only did I come to the place where he picked me up by total accident. Also he was running late on his weekly way to work in Bonn. He took me 420 km to Alsfeld.
The way home from there was just fun and relaxing. I was in Treysa on Sunday, the 11th at 17:30 and I was just happy and amazed.

What did I learn:
Hitchhiking is a great experience, that I’m very glad I made. You get to know the country, it’s language and meet new people. But: It is time-consuming, tireing, needs preperation, a big amount of luck and one should never forget about the risks.

Here you’ll find the map of my route. Sadly google maps didn’t save the map the way I created it. But anyway. You’ll get a feeling for it:

Hitchhiking through Europe Pt 1 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

The Intersphere blew me out of the stratosphere

That was an amazing concert I’ve been to yesterday in Frankfurt.
The Club „Nachtleben“
The Concert „Complexity is dead!“
The Bands Lion and the Wolf, Dioramic and The Intersphere

The sound was great and so were the bands. Lion and the Wolf are a cool alternative rock band from the south of Wales. You can find them on I-Tunes, or so they say 🙂 Sadly, I couldn’t find anything… So if you get your hands on some recordings please contact me, because I really liked their song writing with easy, but good melodies 🙂

Second band Dioramic from Germany was not my style. Screamo-Rock and lots of experimenting. Too hard for Basti 🙂 But they were very funny, as you can see when you look at their tshirt merch…

Last but not least The Intersphere, a band I adore since good old Kevin showed them to me. The complexity and vituosity of their instruments is held together by great songwriting with a lot of sing along melodies. And they are good, perfectionists I would even say. Support them whereever you can:
Great indeed!

I realize I’m an uncle…

I’m getting old, you people.

On the 13th of February 2010 at 19:39 h my step-sister Janine gave birth to the little sweet Devin Luan Umbach. He’s one year, two months and some 20 days old now… It is amazing how time passes and one doesn’t realize anything. I’m an uncle now…. It’s crazy.

And it is so sweet. I’ve seen the little guy not so much by now, because they live in Fulda. But every time I see him, I fall in love with this little sweet thing.

I have added some fotos of the little fella, so that you can anticipate a bit.

1. New born Devin Luan.

2. Devin Luan in 2010.

3. Devin and grandma Anke.

4. Devin loves my old mp3-player. Lucky me, that this thing is older than Devin already 🙂

5. Devin is very interested in technical stuff, so for example my camera equipement.

6. Another Devin+Basti foto.


Easter-presents :-)

Hope, you had great easter-holidays. I surely did. I had a lot of fun with my easter presents….

1. I got some chocolate-„cocks“, that we ate with pleasure at the north-sea. Am I right, Malte 🙂

2. I got an „egg-warmer“ (this is sooo immature) in shape of a little bunny from Vladi’s mom. Thank you very much 🙂

3. Last but not least, I got two self-turned/shaped pens made out ot wood from my mom. They are unique and even my hand-writing looks awesome when I use them.

So, thank you all for the presents and if you still have some easter-presents for me, don’t hesitate and send them to me immediately 🙂

Goodbye and hello

Last year my good old pal Bobby died. He was a very old, happy and lazy golden retrievere and Labrador mix. I kind of grew up with him, we had great times and these are some pictures of his last years in the „retirement home“ at my mom’s place. Mom decided, that she didn’t want a new dog…

Yesterday I got an MMS with a picture of a little dog sleeping. Guess who couldn’t resist to get a new dog from the animal shelter… my mom 🙂
So here he is: Alex, formally known als Till. But seriously, who would want to call his dog Till. So my first impressions from today are the following: Till, äh, Alex is very sweet and tiny for his 6 months. He is shy, but the „dog-whisperer“ Basti almost won his heart (with the help of a lot of treats).  He has a short tail, that’s why he landed in the animal shleter, but he is very cute. So I’m very happy for my mom and we’ll see… perhaps I can go for a walk with this little guy from time to time…

Royal to the bone

Hi there,
last two weekends were great!

On First weekend I was in Kassel.
Friday and Saturday I had a very cool but loooong meeting for ETS Festival (you know it, you love it).
Friday evening we went out bowling. 145 pins 🙂
On saturday evening Ben, André, Felix and me, we went out to party dressed in snobbish suites, ties, the whole package. You’ll find some fotos up. Why did we do it? Just for the fun of it
At first we went to „Kassler Spielbank“, the Casino in Kassel. We got in for 5 € and got 6€ to play with. And what happened there? Basti won 437,90 €!!!!! What a party. So we had to go out and spend a lot of it. We went to different clubs and bars, all dressed up in our suites and played the role of the posh royals! It was awesome.
On sunday I want to a very small but sweet town in North-Hessen called Bad Arolsen. It has a great historical town-center. you will find some fotos up there too.

Last weekend was amazing too. We had European TEN SING Conference in the small town of Buckden, near Cambridge. On thursday morning I flew there and was amazed when I arrived of the medival castle we were accomodated in. The poshness from the week before came back. There we had some great days with lots of productive meetings on european TEN SING work.
We also visited Cambridge, went punting on the river Cam. I even punted myself… and we didn’t drown and I didn’t fall into the water. And it is such a spiffing city! Totally fabulous and posh,as you can see on the fotos!
And I had one-year anniversary with Vladi.

Salutations for today and see you next time.