It’s Springing

Dear world,

nature is shaping up, getting ready for spring. People are cleaning up their houses, cleaning their windows, dusting off the windowsill. In German we call this „Frühjahrsputz“. So I was thinking, if nature is shaping up, I could also start.

So I thought: „I pick myself up, dust myself off, Start all over again.“ (Frank Sinatra – Pick Yourself Up)


How Twenty-thirteen started

Hello there,

it’s been a while, as usual. But it’s been a busy January. February in comparison starts out very relaxed (at least this weekend): I’m right now in the ICE on my way to Paris. Weekend trip to see the city. I’ve actually never been there before, so I am very curious and motivated to make it a great experience.
About last month: Many very cool things happened. Weiterlesen

That was Christmas 2012

Prague meets Lego

Kaiserwetter in Prague after General Assembly of YMCA.

And we are enjoying the sun on an island… ok, it’s a very small island in the middle of Vltava (Moldau).
So first we bought Lego figures that look like us. Mine even has a „B“ on the shirt. Vladi’s  is missing some blonde hair, so we gave her a nice helmet. She#s a little Tollpatsch, so it’s propably better that way 🙂
The rest is history.