It is done!

Wow you people. I wrote the last words of me Bachelor thesis. And here it is…
And some other photos too.
Because although the last 3 days were pretty demanding I was also having some really nice times.
I was at the christmas market, where I played around with my EOS 550 D and tested the exposure time a bit.
Was fun, but you know, there is a crazy lot to learn about SLR-cameras. If you have nice tutorials or websites where I can get solid infos and how-tos, please let me know.
I was also making some detail photos when I was bored from writing.
And the last thing I did, I was playing around with some Picasa features (background-blur and some colour settings) and see there, that’s Vladi in Hamburg in the Speicherstadt. Say hello, Vladi!

So, people. Since I’m done with writing the thesis now, I can go on and revise it tomorrow…or today.
Looking forward 🙂 NOT!
So, see you soon and stay tuned. I will have a lots of time now that I’m done. NOT!
But I will fill this site with some new features. I promise.


Hello there,

I switched to English now so that everyone can understand.IMG_0297

Today was a crazy weather. When I woke up I heard the longest traffic-report EVAR on the radio. Because there was so much snow coming down throughout the last night.

While I was in Ziegenhain today in the morning, I took some photos, which I want to share with you:IMG_0300

Picture one shows the preperations for our christmas market in Ziegenhain that will be this weekend.

The second one showes to already frozen “Wallgraben” of Ziegenhain, the moat of the old castle of Ziegenhain.

And one more thing: StudiVZ has VOIP now in the Plauderbox. Isn’t that crazy? I haven’t tried it out, but I heard you can even videochat… Not bad, not bad. Perhaps they no can stand the big brother Facebook. We’ll see what becomes of the VZ-Group.

So, I would really like to know what you people think of the new feature and how you see the future of social networking. Will there even be social networks in ten years? Or will the people be fed up with it? Write a comment and let me know what you think.

See you soon, people. And watch out, that you don’t slip and fall with this much snow around. I already did. Smiley

Erster Blogeintrag

Hallo lieber Leser und liebe Leserin.

Dies ist mein erster Blogversuch auf meiner Webseite. Hier werde ich in Zukunft regelmäßig schreiben. Ich bin sehr gespannt, was uns in der nächsten Zeit erwartet.

Ich freue mich, Euch als Weggefährten auf dieser kleinen Reise dabei zu haben. Zur Zeit bin ich im Abschlussarbeitsstress, werde aber hoffentlich mehr Zeit zum Bloggen haben, sobald ich die Arbeit abgegeben habe. Ich schreibe zum Thema Internetwahlkampf im ländlichen Raum.

Falls ihr Fragen oder Anregungen zum Thema habt, zu meinem Blog oder sonstigen Input, schreibt und kommentiert gerne.

Liebe GrĂĽĂźe