Royal to the bone

Hi there,
last two weekends were great!

On First weekend I was in Kassel.
Friday and Saturday I had a very cool but loooong meeting for ETS Festival (you know it, you love it).
Friday evening we went out bowling. 145 pins 🙂
On saturday evening Ben, André, Felix and me, we went out to party dressed in snobbish suites, ties, the whole package. You’ll find some fotos up. Why did we do it? Just for the fun of it
At first we went to „Kassler Spielbank“, the Casino in Kassel. We got in for 5 € and got 6€ to play with. And what happened there? Basti won 437,90 €!!!!! What a party. So we had to go out and spend a lot of it. We went to different clubs and bars, all dressed up in our suites and played the role of the posh royals! It was awesome.
On sunday I want to a very small but sweet town in North-Hessen called Bad Arolsen. It has a great historical town-center. you will find some fotos up there too.

Last weekend was amazing too. We had European TEN SING Conference in the small town of Buckden, near Cambridge. On thursday morning I flew there and was amazed when I arrived of the medival castle we were accomodated in. The poshness from the week before came back. There we had some great days with lots of productive meetings on european TEN SING work.
We also visited Cambridge, went punting on the river Cam. I even punted myself… and we didn’t drown and I didn’t fall into the water. And it is such a spiffing city! Totally fabulous and posh,as you can see on the fotos!
And I had one-year anniversary with Vladi.

Salutations for today and see you next time.

Weeks fly by

Hey you,

what happened last 2 weeks…
There is the usual Schwalm-parties like the „Aprés Ski-Party“ in China-Messepark. What a party. Mike der Bademeister, DJ Oli P. and Almklausi…speaks for itself, right? They even danced to a song called: „Eskimo Brr“. You gotta watch the Youtube-Video, it’s trashy but fun…and you wouldn’t believe it…it’s on Sing Star Aprés Ski Party 2 for PS2+3:

But I have to admit. Mike is a cool guy! And the Party-Music business seems to be very hard, I think!

Besides being on the party I was on a rehearsal weekend to prepare the founding of TEN SING Gießen on the 18th of march. It’s gonna be very cool.

Thinking of TEN SING and Chinapark: On the China-Messepark is gonna be the ETS Festival in summer 2011. Last week the Early-Bird discount ended and already 1500 people are registrated for the festival!!!!! So it’s gonna be big. Further infos on .

There were a lot of bad car accidents lately here in Schwalmstadt. Drive safe, people. It is not worth the time you safe driving fast…

That’s basically it for now. Communal election preperations are gonna be the end of me…

YMCA and TEN SING Meetings on mass :-)

Hey Peeps,
the last two weekends were full of TEN SING and YMCA „work“.

Last weekend I was on a weekend seminar. It was pretty cool. We had Martin Meißner, former of the YMCA „Weltbund“ as a guest-speaker. For example he was telling us about and international voluntary service-program for young people. They are sent to countries like Peru, Chile and others for about a year and work there for the local YMCA. Great opportunity for young people after College (Abitur) to gain some great experiences in international youthwork. Here are some links. Don’t hesitate and just try it out: (For Peru) (For all other infos)

Despite of the great input we got, we also did a lot of freaky funny stuff… The photo-gallery gives you a short impression of that. The meeting was in „Rotenburg an der Fulda“, a small town in the north of Hessen. Not much to see, but what you see is very nice. So we made a ralley through town and had to stage some photos. So I was staging and taking photos of my team: Ben, Dario, Armin, Joni and Andre. And yes… we won 🙂

1. Behind the back of law
2. The cool gang
3. Chattering women on the marketplace
4. Unusual wedding
5. Supermarket-trollies are dangerous
6. Stage a city
7. Financial crisis

It was great just to mess around and do some weird stuff.
One question. Can you guess which city we are staging on picture 6?!?

This weekend I was on a big meeting of all YMCA workgroups for youthwork in Germany. We were in Dassel and it was great fun and very productive.

And now everything sprints towards communal elections…

Kirchentag 2011 in Dresden

Hey World.

I was in Dresden last weekend. We had a preperation-meeting for DEKT (Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag – German evangelist Chrurch day). I’m in the team for music, theatre and cabaret. We met with 600 people in Dresden and had a great saturday.
Here are some impressions:

1. Meggie and the DEKT Logo: …da wird auch dein Herz sein.
2. Firday evening beer near Elbe in Dresden-Neustadt
3. View on the Semper Opera Ball
4. Also Dresden is kind of under-water
5. I played the Paparazzi and got a picture of Till Schweiger while leaving Semper Opera Ball.
6. Saturday: MTK Meeting with 600 people in an Auditorium of Uni Dresden.
7. Eating Döner after meeting.
8. Me at Frauenkirche Dresden
9. And finally Carsten, our host, on a „Lümmel“ (that’s the name of the object, he’s lying on), „lümmeling“ around.

Grassroots movement revisited

Hey Folks,

this is a very interesting website I stumbled upon: Newleftmedia

They are reflecting both sides of the republican and the democratic grassroots-movements in a very close and unusual way. What results: A very different view on the newly politicised citizen in the USA.
A highly active citizen, who doesn’t really know what he is active for, what he is fighting for and what his party stands for. Interviews reveal the power that drives the citizen to go on the streets: Simple political slogans mixed with emotions like fear, anger and hate.
After watching this, you don’t wonder why politicians get shot in the USA…
So enjoy:

Christmas, New Year and the mines of Moria

Long not seen, folks!

So here is a brief summary about my last 3 big events:

Event 1 (Trip to CZ before Christmas)
As you could read in my last post, I was in Czech Republic and had a nice pre-christmas week. I’ve been to Ostrava Christmas Market, I went to a ball (I was one of two men without a tie), etc. Food, family, music, presents, all inclusive. It was great. Foto 1 gives you an impression.

Event 2 (Christmas to Silvester)
Ok, on Christmas Eve we had traditional meeting at my mom’s with nice food, big presents (see foto 2) and a special guest from USA. After gathering all the presents I could get, I went to church to sing with my good friends from TEN SING. Next two days were other family meetings. It was fine. See foto 3
On 27th, my girlfriend came around and we had another Christmas 🙂 See foto 4 and 5. We toured my family. See foto 6. The next days we sticky noted the whole flat so that I learn so czech vocabulary. See foto 7 There are still some left. We went to Kassel to see the Bergpark and go shopping (Foto 8).
On Silvester we partied in Cologne with old schoolfriends of mine. It was a cool party with lots of nice food (foto 9). The next day we took a short sightseeing trio of Cologne, especially the Dom (foto 10 and 11). It looks like the mines of moria, when you look at the fotos from inside.
On the airport my girlfriend dumped my first Christmas Present for her (a design object, see foto 12)

Event 3
I was ill. For about a week. I won’t show you a foto… I looked miserable… But now I’m back on top and work calls me!

So, hope, you’re filled in. See you guys shortly. One question for you: What do you listen to right now? Me: Ani DiFranco

Stuck in the middle


after I slipped and feel softly on my butt on the snowy parking-lot in front of tegut-supermarket earlier this week, this is a serious snow chaos experience for me this year.

I’m stuck at Frankfurt Airport with some 1000 other people. I’ve been waiting long hours in never ending rows with lots of people who partially are travelling since 12 hours and more already. So I’m not so bad off like others around here… In fact, I had a lot of luck till now and there are some gleams of hope that I might really get to destination Czech Republic today.

So here are my bright spots of today:
First of all: My flight at 12 was cancelled but I got booked to a flight that is hopefully going at 22:20… This went really smooth. Only problem: If I really tried to get in line to drop off my luggage I definitely would have missed this flight. You can’t imagine how LONG this line is. Even all the superlatives of this word can’t describe it. So I made up this plan in my mind, that I could just take my far too heavy, far too big bag, put my hand luggage into that and just go to the gate where it says: „Only hand-luggage.“ In line I realized that this idea wasn’t good at all because I aditionally had like 2 bottles of Schnapps in my „hand-luggage“ and all kinds of liquide cosmetica-stuff (you know, I’m a girly-girl! 🙂 ) where you should only be allowed to take 2x100ml of this stuff with you. But I was willing to leave stuff behind, so I went on. So with my 20 kg (10 kg were fluids) overweight and 30cm too big (in every direction possible) I got in line (again) and looked for other people with this kind of „hand luggage“ in line… there were none. So as you can imagine I got a bit of a panic the nearer my part of the line came to the actual luggage check and scan. But when it was my time to shine the female Lufthansa-employee turned out to be the nicest person in the whole wide world. She looked at my luggage and put in in the scanner, looking at me with this funny „I-know-exactly-why-your-doing-this“-look. And believe it or not, she let me in with all the stuff. I didn’t have to dump any of my stuff. I was so reliefed I wanted to kiss her but she refused with a smile. She said, she was married 🙂
So since then I’m sitting at the gate. The situation her is different. You see people sitting around like outside. But first of all, it’s not so many and secondly, they have this twinkle in their eyes, this bit of hope that now they’ve come so far, this could really lead them somewhere. Like me. So I’m sitting around, watching Woody Allen movies (radio city, match point), both terrific movies, but let’s talk about Woody Allen movies some other day. And there is free drinks and newspapers, so I made myself quite comfortable.

And while I’m hoping and wishing that the last flight to Prague (Praha) today won’t be cancelled like all the others, I would appreciate if you guys and girls pray and wish a bit for me too.

Punsch rules!

Hey there.

What a nice little sit-in after this day full of crazy stuff happening. Krischaan prepared a nice Punsch and at first we thought we would be drinking it all by ourselves. 4 bottles of wine, a bottle of rum, anis, oranges, cinnamon, lots of sugar. That was nice! So nice, that the Punsch was gone far too fast… 🙁

And after everyone was leaving, Sander and me, we thought we should start to make some music, took some beers (the Punsch was already gone, you remember) and we messed up some real good songs. Good for you, that we recorded one of these epic fails. Have fun:

Basti feat. Sander – My Yard
For all the people who don’t know it:
Jamie Cullum – My yard

So, what is your opinion towards Guttenberg and Afghanistan?!

Took some time…

… but it is finally done!

First of all: Sorry for the crappy photos. I only had my Nokia E65’s camera with meWhat a day. I printed my thesis in a copyshop today and handed it in. But the way there was long and stony. And at the end I even made a little mistake with the printing, but everything worked out for me. Not for the two girls in the copy shop, who were also trying to copy their thesis… One of them had to layout the whole thing again. What a f***

So, now I’m really ready to enjoy the christmas time. While I’m writing this, loads of snow is coming down here in Ziegenhain.  But I’m happy with whatever. If you don’t have anything to do tonight and want to wade through  20 cm of fresh snow, you can come to my place and we’ll drink a punsch or two…or three.

So, see you around…